Core Team

Core Team


Executive Director

What do you actually do?: Try to get people excited about working together, and about GAHI

Why did you join GAHI: Real chance to have impact on people’s lives – and to work with the amazing people who help GAHI.

Dream backup career: Professional cricketer (or given my age, test match umpire.)

Biggest accomplishment: two wonderful daughters!

Twitter: @rchandran1
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Core Team


Director of Innovation

What do you actually do?: I try to bring balance between order and chaos.

Why did you join GAHI: I wanted to help make a difference in how Humanitarian Action grows and develops over the next few years. The need for innovation in the Humanitarian sector is enormous. Humanitarian Action requires radical change to make it more effective, efficient, decentralised and diverse in order to better meet the current and future needs of vulnerable people.

Best learning of the past year?: Really appreciate the good things in your life.

Dream backup career: Marine Biologist

Biggest accomplishment: Leading the Exploratory Team of Médecins Sans Frontières on the front lines of the Rwanda Genocide throughout the war in 1994.

What is your life motto?: Hope is not a good plan.


Core Team


Programme and Planning Manager

What do you actually do?: Pull everything into lists, matrices and plans and make sure the right things are happening.

Why did you join GAHI: A unique opportunity to contribute to a force that could bring the system together to coordinate effort around new ways of doing things– mandated by the system itself. It’s really exciting, and challenging.

Dream backup career: Filmmaker of short arty films and explorative documentaries

Best learning of the past year?: do things for/say things to yourself as if you were doing them for/saying them to a good friend

What is your life motto?: Humans like to have an effect, and a cause.

Twitter: @Hat_Milsted