Joining GAHI

What does joining GAHI require?

By joining GAHI you agree to support GAHI’s work, and its commitment to its five core values:


GAHI embraces the fact that people are the best arbiters of their own futures. Change in the humanitarian system must place people and communities, paying particular attention to women and girls, at the heart of response, and empower them to lead and shape emergency response.


There is no single approach to scale that will work across different issue areas. GAHI does not have the answers; rather we facilitate and convene the work of humanitarian stakeholders in the quest for these answers.


GAHI's work must adhere to the highest possible ethical standards, and help propagate ethical and responsible innovation throughout the humanitarian community.


GAHI cherishes transparency as a core value. We will be open about our processes and about our success, our failure and the challenges we face on our journey. We will comply with all international standards for transparency – and do our best to go beyond the minimum.


GAHI is a service provider for the humanitarian community. We do not seek attention or credit for our work; we seek impact.

By joining GAHI, a prospective member expresses support for GAHI’s objectives and principles by signing a ‘letter of intent’. At this point, this does not require financial or legal obligation. Specific GAHI opportunities, drawn from conversations with members, will be selected and finalised on a rolling basis. At that time, GAHI members will be invited to participate in workstreams designed to secure a specific impact, act on a clear opportunity, or address a known problem. Click here to contact us and find out more about becoming a member of GAHI.